Client Reviews

We encourage all of our clients to provide us with their honest thoughts on how we handled their home buying or selling experience.  Our goal is to provide all of our clients with a stress-free environment while accomplishing all of their goals.  It’s something we don’t take for granted and work on constantly.  Below is a compilation of reviews from our Yelp! and Facebook pages.

They truly treat you like family.
Sylvia M. – 08/01/2013

This review is well overdue.  It’s been almost a year since Shaun and Javiera helped me find and buy my first home.  I found them through Yelp and am so glad to have found them.  My home buying experience was an emotional and stressful roller coaster but, they stuck with me and helped me deal with the psycho title lady and the forgetful HOA.  They truly treat you like family.  Shaun even put up a “Welcome Home” banner over the fireplace.  The banner was a nice touch but the bottle of Patron he left on the mantle was better. 🙂  If you are in the market for a real estate agent, give Shaun and Javiera a call.  You won’t be disappointed.

As new home buyers, they were clear and guided us the entire way.
Angela L. – 03/27/2010

Are you looking to capitalize on the $8,000 federal tax credit? Then, Javiera is your woman! When the BF and I started looking for a place we had talked to a few agents. However, out of all the agents we talked to, no one was as upfront and honest as Javiera. She really took the time to listen to what we were looking for in a new house, while also taking into considerations of reality from her many years of experience. As new home buyers we felt Javiera was really clear with the process and guided us every step of the way–from searching to signing. Her and her partner Shawn are really a dream team! They’re personal, but professional, and really try to cater to their client’s needs.

She will really go to bat for you when you settle on a place and do her very best to win the property. When working with the bank to finalize our interest rate, she felt the bank was overcharging us and actually got them to lower the rate almost 1%! She’s a tough cookie and a great negotiator. And after we finally got settled on our place, her and Shawn provided us with hardcopies and a softcopy of all the documentation we needed and were still around to answer any questions we have (i.e. how do we pay the state property tax??). If you want the job done right, call Javiera and Shaun.

Those “big-box” real estate companies have nothing on this team.
Joselynn M. – 04/26/2013

The most knowledgeable real estate team in the Bay Area! Javiera and Shaun will be your partner whether your buying a home, selling a home, or both. I had the pleasure of working with them in the process of selling a home as well as buying a home. They guided my husband and I through the in’s and out’s of the world of real estate and did so with tremendous attention to detail. They patiently listened to our extensive list of must-have features in a home and found the perfect match for our family! They will work hard to find what you are looking for, whether it’s an investment property or the home of your dreams. Not only can they help you in the search for your home but their team will assist you in the financing process and thoroughly explain the options that are out there in today’s market. Those “big-box” real estate companies have nothing on this dynamic duo which is why I am always quick to refer our friends and family to them and the time has come to share them with the world.

They were always looking out for us.
Leslie P. – 07/30/2013

Javi and Shaun are the utmost professionals when it comes to all parts of the real estate market. They are extremely knowledgeable and true professionals. Not only did we find the best real estate agents in the bay area, but we also found true friends that really cared about our needs.

Our search took almost two years, and covered both San Francisco and the East Bay. They knew the details of each market and never gave up trying to find the perfect house with the right neighborhood and best price. Our close also took an extremely long time and not once did they quit on us. They stuck with us until the day we moved in, always looking out for our best interest and willing to take the extra step to make everything run as smooth as possible.

If you are a novice in the real estate market they will walk you through all the details and make you feel extremely comfortable. If you are a professional, they are a perfect partner because of their knowledge and connections.

We can’t thank Javi and Shaun enough for all their time and dedication.

They truly care about their clients.
Josh C. – 06/11/12

Javiera and Shaun are the best you can get when it comes to real estate agents. We have bought two houses with them and have worked with them for 4 years now. They are extremely knowledgeable regarding every step of the process about buying a home. They are always willing to help you out and have on more then one occasion called us to advise us about refinancing our home. They are not doing this because they get a kick back, they are doing about it because they care and want the best for you. They are both real people and are not in it just for the money, they truly care about there clients and they have showed it over and over to my wife and I over the years. We consider them not just our agents, but our friends. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to buy a home or is thinking about buying a home.

My sister, parents, and friends have all used Shaun and Javiera.
Mark W. – 09/07/2011

Javiera and Shaun make a great team and made the whole house buying process super easy and fun. Javiera and Shaun’s sweetness and honesty made my wife and I feel at ease immediately. They are extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of the process and guided us through every twist and turn right up to closing and afterwards. But don’t let the sweetness and courteousness fool you, Javiera and Shaun are no pushovers when it comes to advocating for their clients. They will do whatever it takes to get what their clients need and want and all with a charming, cheerful and courteous manner. Perhaps it is because of their charm that they can drive a hard bargain on their client’s behalf without being pushy or overbearing. Buying a house can be a stressful process and it is such a relief to have a team that you can trust completely and is ready at a moments notice to answer any questions you might have. My sister, parents and friends have all used Javiera and Shaun as their realtors and advisers and we’re not just satisfied and happy but have a true respect and friendship with them.

Great Realtors to work with.
Joy C. – 08/17/2011

Javiera and Shaun are so awesome! They are very knowledgeable and walked me through the whole process step-by-step. They also follow up with issues after escrow was closed! They are definitely one of the great realtors to work with!

We couldn’t have purchased a home without their help.
Kim C. – 08/24/2011

I cannot say enough good things about Javi and Shaun. My husband and I recently purchased our first house and it was a very interesting process to say the least. Javi and Shaun went to bat for us on numerous occasions and even came to our rescue when we had plumbing problems a week after moving in. If you want a real estate team that is an advocate for you and your well being, Javi and Shaun are the best team in the whole Bay Area. They guided us through every step of the way even with 10 different offers. They are quick to respond to emails and give very sound advice. They are not only our agents but our dearest friends for life. We couldn’t have purchased a home without their help and I wouldn’t want anyone else by our side when we decide to go through this process again in the not so near future. They are both good hearted and knowledgeable people and will do everything in their power to make sure you get the right home for you. We love them and know you will too!