We Protect Our Sellers

When you sell your home with me, I will provide you up to $100,000 in Seller’s E&O Coverage!

What is seller’s coverage, and why do you need it?

Selling a home can be overwhelming – negotiations, disclosures, inspections, and endless paperwork.
These procedures are in place to prevent issues after the sale, but sometimes after moving in, a buyer is unhappy and seeks compensation from the seller. Despite everyone’s best efforts, sometimes things can go wrong.

Would You Have $25,000 Or More To Settle A Dispute? Don’t Worry When You List Your Home With Me, I Provide You Up To $100,000 In Seller’s Coverage.

Since E&O claims are not usually covered by homeowners or other insurance policies, we provide up to $100,000 of E&O coverage to pay for attorney’s fees and damages. That’s good for your pocket book, and lets home buyers know they will be taken care of if there’s an issue. When you sell your home with me, you have a plan that covers you even after your real estate transaction.

To learn how I will sell your home quickly, for top dollar, and provide you protection after the sale via Seller’s Coverage, please contact me.