Numbers Don’t Lie: March 2013 Home Stats For Peninsula & San Francisco

* Single Family Residential Sales Stats For San Francisco & Peninsula Cities.

City,New Listings,Avg. DOM,Avg. Sales Price, % Listing Price Received
San Francisco,228,27,,1.02%
Daly City, 46,21,"$577,498",107.96%
Foster City,15,14,"$1,003,428",105.21%
Menlo Park,42,29,"$1,532,441",105.06
Redwood City,54,40,"$1,011,170",102.34%
Redwood Shores,6,7,"$1,154,480",108.60%
San Bruno,21,32,"$644,844",104.70%
San Carlos,29,23,"$1,333,537",105.20%
San Mateo,69,27,"$952,177",106.32%

* Data from San Francisco Association of Realtors & San Mateo Association of Realtors