Should You Buy A Home That Is Tenant Occupied In San Francisco?

The San Francisco housing market has, and will always be a somewhat tenacious beast. Often times you have competing interests that create an overly complicated environment. Case in point, the immensely complicated world of tenant’s rights laws in San Francisco.

Should you try to buy a home in San Francisco that is currently tenant occupied? That is a question each buyer will have to answer. We have successfully represented buyers, and sellers, on tenant occupied properties. One of the main reasons these transactions were successful was because our clients had a good understanding of the laws and regulations they were facing. That is key. With a thorough understanding of the generally pro-tenant laws, you as a buyer can make the decision of whether you want to pursue a tenant occupied property.

I’m not going to outline the specifics of the tenant’s rights in this post. I will point to a few resources that go into greater detail. For a good overview, check out Anna Marie’s post on It’s a great starting point that goes over the key terms. If you’re looking for more detail, specifically on the eviction process in San Francisco, check out the San Francisco Tenants Union.

As with all things that get mired in legal ambiguity, you best bet is to consult with a real estate lawyer.