Home Sellers – Should You Always Accept An All Cash Offer?

Always Accept An All Cash Offer?

If you’re in a large metropolitan area like San Francisco, New York, or LA, you’re probably well aware how insane the real estate market is. This insanity involves a large number of buyers/investors that make offers with all cash. In my daily practice, it’s normal to have offers from not one, but several all cash buyers. Let me pose a question that seems to have an obvious answer. Should you always accept an all cash offer when selling your home? [Read more…]

I’m A Frustrated Home Buyer! What Do I Do In Today’s Market?


Spring/Summer of 2013 is turning into one of the most frustrating home buying seasons for buyers.  Low interest rates, super low housing inventory, and incredibly hyped media reports are making it hard for willing buyers to successfully get into contract on a home.  If you’re frustrated at the whole process, and believe your current efforts are futile, I have a few suggestions.  These tips are no guarantee you will be successful, but it will help you be competitive on all of your offers. [Read more…]

3 Things To Have In Your “Dear Seller” Letter!

Some people call them offer cover letters, while others use the more endearing term “Dear Seller” letters. It’s a letter (or email) that accompanies an offer, where the buyer attempts to summarize why their offer is awesome.  I have been using it on all of my offers since I started in real estate, but it has grown in popularity in today’s competitive market.  Here are the components of a good “Dear Seller” letter. [Read more…]